Katerina & Doug’s Head Over Heals Wedding

Wow!! When it comes to Katerina & Doug’s wedding there is not much else to say other than WOW! The day started out beautifully with the weather and everyone was in great spirits and party mode. The ceremony was held at the Botanicle Gardens and as our stunning bride walked towards her groom, she literally made him fall head over heals for her! Yes Doug actually fainted as Katerina walked down the isle! What a lucky girl; he was just so overwhelmed in a good way. If you look at the story board image, you can see the moments just before the fall and then the uncontrolable giggles that Katerina had when he needed to sit on a chair during the first half of the ceremony. These two were sooooo cute together at one point I actually told them I was slightly disgusted that a couple could be so cute in reality! hahaha! The rest of the day was beautiful taking pictures in the gardens. For the reception hall and dinner talk about another wow factor! Carmen’s Banquet Hall took care of all of the red and black themed decor which was stunning, the wonderful meal, and even the flambe show and Circ show! We especially loved the pyro (fireworks) that went off at the end of the first dance. What a memorable night!! All the best Katerina & Doug!!

Click HERE to see more from their day.

Here is the sequence of shots we got as Doug watched Katerina walk down the isle.  (These photos are a combination of mine and Amy’s)

We love wet willies!!

This was supposed to be piggy back rides for the girls but the guys moaned and groaned and so I tried to make them look as non masculine as possible but it turns out they had wayyyyyy more fun this way!

We had to combine these, they were all candid shots we cropped in (so please excuse the not so great quality) but we loved Katerina’s laugh and realized that her mom and son had the exact same laugh!! Soooooo cute!!


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