Orangeville Fall Fair Labour Day Weekend

This past Labour Day weekend I had the privilege of participating in the Orangeville Fall Fair Ambassador competition.  I wasn’t planning on participating but one of the girls had to back out at the last minute and I was asked if I would be interested.  At first I thought I am way too old to be doing this and I haven’t done a speech since high school!  But with a little more persuasion from my boyfriend and his brother I thought heck why not!  I wrote my speech that night, which was the night before the competition, and started doing some research on the important names in Agriculture.   The day of I had butterflies in my stomach and was very excited.  I really didn’t think I  had a chance to win since my whole speech was about being a ‘City Girl’ and my adventures and learning experiences of coming to the country and being able to date a true cowboy.  The girl I was up against said a great speech and really knew her stuff when it came to agriculture.   So when they announced my name as the winner of the competition my jaw nearly dropped to the ground in surprise!!

The rest of the weekend I got to spend at the fair handing out ribbons at the different events like the horse and cattle shows and getting front row at the derby and bmx show.  And I even had an ‘ambassador choice award’ for my favorite classic car!  It was so much fun!

Now my duties are to promote the Orangeville Fall Fair, which is Labour Day weekend every year!  So 2010 I would love to see you all out there!  And to help bridge the gap between urban and rural communities.  I can’t wait to get started!

Here are some pics of myself and Cassie who was the Junior Fair Ambassador; You can see more HERE.


My friend Nicky was kind enough to take this official photo of me 🙂

Whoooo!! This is Cassie’s horse, Magic, and he is beautiful!! I was so excited that Cassie let me ride him around a bit and her mom was kind enough to take some pictures 🙂


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