Kim & Adam’s Intimate Vows

It is always a nice change to do a smaller more intimate wedding. Don’t get me wrong I love the big extravagent weddings; they have so many great and memorable elements. But when I have a couple like Kim and Adam who came to me with their plan for an intimate backyard wedding at their home with their nearest and dearest present I can’t help but get excited. It was beautiful! They said their vows infront of the fireplace in their stunning home and made sure their 3 puppies were there too. We did their formal photos in their backyard and it was like the sky just opened up with sunshine for them (Anyone in the GTA can tell you we have had such a cold and rainey summer and fall so it was a blessing to have sun on their special day!) They truely have nothing but love for eachother and it was an honour to be able to capture their day.

On a side note I absolutely loved Kim’s Audrey Hepburn style red wedding dress!

Here are a few shots from their ceremony, you can see more HERE


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