Kim & Adam’s Wedding Reception

Previously I posted Kim and Adam’s backyard wedding ceremony, well here is there wedding reception held at the very lovely Maple Downs Golf Course.  After enjoying a delicious lunch, a magnificent wedding cake made my Adam’s very talented sister, and some touching speeches, we took these guys out on the grounds for a second beautiful day to do more family pictures.  We had so much fun with our silly hats and vintage props!  I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard on a shoot before! It was great!! You can see more HERE.

I also had some great help from my friend Lui to shoot this wedding.  You can see some of his great shots HERE.

Since Adam is a photographer himself, I thought it would only be appropriate for him to get a picture taking everyone’s photo with the old brownie cam.

So first we got the boys to (pretend) pee in the putting holes…

Then for the first time since I’ve been doing wedding I got my first shot of the girls having their turn peeing for the camera!! hehehe this was sooooo funny!!


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