Orangeville Olympic Torch Relay December 28th 2009

One of my best friend’s, Nicky, recently got an amazing job working for the town of Orangeville.  I was so excited for her but little did I know this job would come in handy for me 😉  She was part of putting together the Torch Relay event that was coming to Orangeville and asked if I could be one of the photographers for the event.  I figured this was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity and had to take it.  It was a freezing cold morning but it was soooo worth it!  They had some amazing performances by local talent as well as the Coca Cola team and at the end they honored past Olympian winners.  You really do get a sense of excitement as that flame runs past you!  It was an amazing day that I was so happy to be apart of and have a front row seat!! Here’s some shots from the event:

There were so many people!!

One of the events set up for the kids:

The Coca Cola Team:

Here Comes The Torch!!

The Bazooka Club:

The Curling Club:

Past Olympians:

Of course I had to sneak myself into a few pics!!

Here’s my friend Nicky!


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