Jen & Matt’s Winter Wonderland

I can still remember the day I first met Matt; We had gone out for drinks in Richmond Hill with another friend Kat and thats when Jen and Matt told us they had just gotten engaged! Jen is an old friend from high school whom I’ve known since grade 9! Wow does time fly! Well one beautiful 2 yr old later and a change in photographer (soooooo flattering for me and PMP – they had booked another photographer before PMP even existed and then decided to switch 🙂 The day came and it was just BLIZZARDING! It reminded me of the first time we tried to do their engagement photos and we got hit with that huge tornado. Well there was no redoing this wedding! By the time we had gotten to the church the snow had settled down and started to melt. Everything was so beautiful! The ceremony brought tears to the bride and grooms eyes and I think half the crowd was tearing up with them. The snow made a perfectly timed appearance just as we started doing the formal photos and it was just picture perfect! I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful wedding! And I love when my couples and their wedding party brave the cold and do their shots outside!

You guys deserve nothing but the best!! Congrats!!

See more photos HERE.

Our guestbooks always seem to be such a hit at weddings! I’m so glad we are including them with every package this year:


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