Nicole’s Confirmation

It was such an honor that my little cousin Nicole asked me to be her sponsor for her confirmation.  I am by no means a religious person, but in my catholic family this is something that we all do and have done and it is an important step in her life.  Through the years I have found my own personal contentment in following my own set of beliefs; treating others with respect, helping out where I can , not judging others and what they believe, and overall just living life to the fullest and being morally responsible for my actions.   These are generally the things that Catholicism teaches us and so I think that I can fulfill my role as her sponsor.

Nicole whom I can still remember as a new born baby with white blonde hair and then as a toddler that I loved to dress up and then as a silly kid who gave herself a undercut one day is now all grown up into a beautiful young lady.  Man does time ever fly!  I call her a mini Taylor Swift with her long blond curly hair (which I am totally jealous of!).

Congrats Nicoletta! You looked beautiful and I’m glad I got to play such an important role for you.

Just before we went in for the ceremony:

Our Grandparents:

Nicole and her moma; my aunt

La Familia, well some of us (excuse the lack of cropping- most of these pics were right out of the cam):

Adam and I with Nicole:


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