CNE Picture

So as most of you who follow my blog know, I was appointed the Orangeville Fair Ambassador last labour day weekend.  I’ve had a pile of different things to do between visiting fairs and schools and going to the Royal York for a fair committee convention.  The next BIG step is going to the CNE for the great big Ambassador competition against all the other Ontario Ambassadors.  Whooooo this is big stuff! I’m nervous just thinking about it!  So step one was to get a photo against a black backdrop to submit to the CNE (I think it is actually posted in one of the exhibit halls so look for it when your there!).  Well as last minute as ever, I grabbed a black piece of bristol board and my tiara and sash and made Adam take some photos on our front porch (the light was the best there as I didn’t have time to set up my strobes) about 2 minutes before he had to leave for work.  Between holding a flash behind me for back light and holding up the bristol board and then trying to direct adam how to use my monster camera I’m shocked that any turned out LOL.  Well he didn’t do to bad when he got them in focus and so the final 3 choices were these:

After taking a vote on Facebook, the winner was this last one.  I was told it showed ‘my sassy personality’ and had the ‘most natural smile’.  Although I didn’t quite like my shoulder angle or my hair, it was by far everyone’s fave and so it will be the one hanging up at the CNE 🙂 Thanks guys!!


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