May Events

Ahhhh May!  One of my favorite months; it is the start of warm weather, sunshine and photo season!  There were several events this month; here’s a look at what I’ve been doing:

We started out with Mother’s Day at the Thornhill Golf & Country Club where all the lunch and dinner guests were able to take a photo with their families and at the end of their meals they got to go home with a framed print.

Then we had Nicole’s Confirmation which was previously posted.

On the 21st I came back to Thornhill Golf & Country Club for Romy & Brent’s Wedding Reception. Romy & Brent were married in Peru and so Brent’s parents had a small reception for them back in Thornhill. These guys were a lovely pair!

On the 23rd Roman had his Baptism at Thornhill Golf & Country Club; whoaaa I can’t even believe how many events I had booked there! It’s definitely a great venue! Back to the Baptism; Roman was absolutely adorable!! And the weather was perfect, so outside we went for family photos, which everyone at the event also got a framed print to go home with. Definitely makes a great party favor.

And finally on the 28th I captured Len’s Surprise 50th Birthday at a beautiful little restaurant in Vaughan.


It’s been a great month!

Congrats to everyone on your special occasions!


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