{S} Family {Orangeville Family Photographer}

Little Braeden, your smile could cure all the sadness in the world! This cutie patootie  had the biggest smile from ear to ear for the entire session and it just absolutely melted my heart!  Even when he started to get a little fussy and tired of photos his unhappy face was still a smiley one! He blew me away with cuteness!  Braeden just turned one and his parents wanted to mark the occasion with some beautiful family photos.  If your thinking these guys look familiar, your right! I had the pleasure to photograph Braeden as a newborn! Check out his newborn session HERE and see how much he has grown!  It is an absolute honour to photograph a family as it grows! Thank you guys for allowing me to share these special moments and landmarks with you!  And a HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY BABY B!

Shaw 004

Shaw 029pbw

Shaw 038

Shaw 071p2

Shaw 080

Shaw 064pbw Shaw 020

Shaw 103pbw

Shaw 121

Shaw 140p2

Shaw 147 Shaw 157pbw

Shaw 159

Shaw 178pbw

Shaw 189 Shaw 203

Shaw 212pbw

Shaw 231

Shaw 236pbw Shaw 267

Shaw 247

Shaw 320


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