Vryonides Family {Orangeville Family Photographer}


I had a lot of fun shooting Amy, Thrass and Danya.  You should probably recognize Amy, she is my partner in crime and co captain for Purple Martini Wedding & Event Photography.  We decided to head to my husband’s family farm for this session and we caught a great day with just enough overcast to diffuse the sun and just cool enough to keep us from melting at the end of this HAWT summer! We even took Danya inside the barn to see the cows and play with the sheep, but I think her favorite part was when we let her ride the tractor!

Vryonides 076

Vryonides 013

Vryonides 017 Vryonides 020pbw

Vryonides 088

Vryonides 100pbw Vryonides 149

Vryonides 143pbw

Vryonides 182

Vryonides 213pbw Vryonides 238pbw

Vryonides 253pbw Vryonides 280

Vryonides 289

Vryonides 304

Vryonides 311

Vryonides 318pbw Vryonides 338

Vryonides 371pbw


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