Tzirulnick Family {Mississauga Family Photographer}

Every now and then I have a family request a very formal and traditional styled session.  And although I usually prefer outdoor settings and natural lighting where I can be a little more creative, I have to say that these traditional sessions do still capture my heart.  Sometimes, and especially with a family with as much love as the Tzirulnick family, the simplicity of a traditional muslin backdrop makes you forget everything else and just totally focuses on the natural love and beauty of a family.  It really just drives your attention to the interaction of family members and I LOVE that!

Tzirulnick Family, you guys were beautiful!  Wishing you all the best as your family continues to grow!


DZD_8501 DZD_8658

DZD_8547 DZD_8593

DZD_8513 DZD_8526

DZD_8539 DZD_8554

DZD_8669 DZD_8676pbw

DZD_8723pbw DZD_8697pbw

DZD_8815pbw DZD_8738pbw

DZD_8754 DZD_8765pbw






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