Atcheson Family {Orangeville Family Photographer}

It was a perfect fall afternoon at the Mono Cliffs in Orangeville to do the Atcheson’s Family photos.  You might remember Amy & Jay from a few years back.  They were in fact the first wedding that Amy & I took on as Purple Martini Wedding & Event Photography.  And here they are today with the cutest little 5 week old baby girl! It was so great to see them all again and to see how there family has grown! Not only is there a new baby girl but there are also 2 new boxer puppies that have joined the family.  You would think with a newborn and puppies it might be hard to get everyone to look and somewhat smile all at the same time, BUT this definitely was not the case here!  They were absolutely perfect and I can’t believe how many fantastic shots I was able to get 🙂

All the best in the years to come Atcheson Family! I look forward to capturing many more memories as your family continues to grow!

Atcheson 012pbw

Atcheson 013

Atcheson 044pbw Atcheson 068

Atcheson 050

Atcheson 059

Atcheson 078

Atcheson 085pbw

Atcheson 097

Atcheson 070pbw Atcheson 161

Atcheson 165pbw Atcheson 172pbw

Atcheson 176pbw Atcheson 186pbw

Atcheson 158


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