Honda Family Photos {Minesing Family Photographer}

Most people have a ‘blood related’ family and they have a ‘friends’ family and if your really lucky you have a ‘work’ family.  You know … those people you actually enjoy working with and even though you probably see them more then your own family, you still LOVE hanging out with them outside of work.  Well this is the case for my husband.  He has the greatest group of friends from his work and they are always getting together for barbecues in the summer and holiday gatherings in the winter, but it’s not just the group that work together it’s their whole families as well.  I definitely look forward to these parties because Adam (my hubby) really does work with a great group of people!  Just before Christmas we enjoyed a holiday party with everyone, but in this case we did it a little differently.  Since there were a few families interested in having some family portraits as well, we ended up spending the earlier part of the day doing photos before enjoying an evening of food and drinks.  It was a great time!

Honda 168pbw

Honda 165 Honda 171

Honda 173pbw

Honda 178 Honda 189

Honda 206pbw Honda 227pbw

Honda 245 Honda 248pbw

Honda 009

Honda 016pbw Honda 001pbw

Honda 007pbw

Honda 030pbw

Honda 026

Honda 058

Honda 089

Honda 055pbw Honda 085pbw

Honda 104pbw Honda 107pbw

Honda 121

Honda 126

Honda 135pbw

Honda 142 Honda 154pbw

Honda 156pbw

Honda 159pbw


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