Julie {Orangeville Headshot Photographer}

Julie’s headshots were a lot of fun.  Anyone who knows me knows that I love working with natural light and avoiding anything that looks too “studio staged”.  Well Julie had the perfect grey wall in her home by a large bright window that worked just perfect for the initial headshots we started with.  After we had some great close ups we ventured to the streets of Broadway in Orangeville and found some great buildings to get a totally different look and backdrop.  We even got out to Monora Park to capture some winter white and ore playful photos.  I had so much fun working with you Julie! Enjoy some faves from the shoot:


DZD_6280pbw DZD_6311s

DZD_6316s DZD_6330spbw

DZD_6345s DZD_6382spbw


DZD_6521pbw DZD_6545

DZD_6566 DZD_6569pbw

DZD_6588pbw DZD_6595pbw

DZD_6601pbw DZD_6637

DZD_6677pbw DZD_6667pbw

DZD_6676 DZD_6807



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