Introducing Diana Whyte Photography!

So I have been thinking about changing my company name for a couple years now; mainly because when I first started out I was actually designing things like logos, ads, custom fine art ect. BUT as the years have gone by I have been focusing solely on Photography and that is really what I LOVE to do.  I wanted a name that would reflect that a lot more and I played with endless options and would write them down and sit on them for months trying to figure out if I liked them enough to keep them forever or if I would get tired of them (as like many creative people I tend to get tired of things too quickly and want to change and shake things up).  When I got married last year, I decided to take my husbands last name “Whyte” and thought maybe I would keep it simple and use my name as the business name.  Diana Whyte Photography.  I never really wanted to use my maiden name “Pellizari” only because it was long and a lot of people seem to have trouble pronouncing it, never mind trying to spell it or type it into a google search LOL  I also figured this being my actual legal name, the chances of me getting tired of it weren’t nearly as high!

Now I thought this year I would start getting all the information I needed to make a smooth transition, create all my new logos and branding ect. and then launch the new Diana Whyte Photography at the very beginning of 2013.  Apparently updating everything was a lot easier and QUICKER then I ever thought it could be and I got a little excited and decided, “what the heck, there’s no time like the present!” and so DeeZines By Dee has officially been rebranded, renamed and transformed into the brand spanking new DIANA WHYTE PHOTOGRAPHY!

The new website is and it has a brand new fresh and updated look.  You can still use the old address to get there but that will only be for another year or 2 until everyone gets used to the change.

The new email address is (the old address will be forwarding all my mail to the new address so try to get used to the new address if you can)

Twitter has also been changed and you can now find me at @DianaWhyte AND if you have Instagram you can also find me by searching my username: DianaWhyte

The contact numbers are all the same.  I’ve tried to make the transition easy and smooth for everyone to get used to.

I hope you all LOVE the new name, website and design as much as I do!  I’d love to hear some of your opinions and get some feedback on what everyone else thinks so leave your comments!


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