Upholstered Bench {DIY}

I’ve been thinking about adding a DIY section to the blog just to have a little extra fun.  I’m a HUGE crafter & do-it-yourself-er and I have been doing a lot of projects around my house lately and thought I would share some of them.

This first one is a bench I made for my bedroom vanity.  I’ve been searching for a nice bench for a couple years now that didn’t cost a fortune and that fit my taste and never seemed to find one I really liked.  With the inspiration off of a few different home decor shows and my new favorite website, Pinterest, here is what I ended up creating:


So hubby helped a lot to put everything together, BUT it was still pretty easy! I started by making a base out of left over plywood and 2 by 4s.  We nailed everything in place securely.  Then I placed my fabric on my working surface followed by the stuffing (which I stretched out and made sure it was large enough to cover the entire seat area and fold over the sides) and then I placed my wooden frame on top all centered.

DZD_8383 DZD_8387

The next step was to staple the 2 long side and secure them down.  I then remembered that I needed to paint my legs!! So I used a scarp block of wood, drilled holes in it and screwed my legs in (I picked up the  legs from Home Depot and they came with screws already in the tops).  This made it much easier to paint them.  I used a white furniture paint (also left over from previous projects) and gave it 3 coats to cover them completely.  The waiting to dry took the longest!

DZD_8730 DZD_8390

I did attempt to just screw in my legs directly to my frame BUT I found that they weren’t as sturdy as I wanted and so hubby picked up these furniture leg metal brackets from Home Hardware which worked like a charm! Once I had them in place, I stretched my fabric over each bracket, cut a small opening and screwed in my legs nice and tightly.

DZD_8736 DZD_8740

Now it is onto staple gunning the heck out of the bottom! I wanted to make sure the fabric was pulled nice and tight around the base and the legs.


Now I wanted to make my bench fancy and so I bought these fancy nail heads to create the pillow effect.  They only had black ones though and so after roughly measuring everything and gently hammering in the nails, I covered up the plain black nail heads with fancy and pretty pearl and jewel buttons.  I had to cut off the loops on the back and I used ‘Lock Tight’ to glue them in place.  Lock Tight will permanently glue anything! Including skin! So be careful!

DZD_8745 DZD_8747

And WALA! My finished product in place at my vanity table! AND it matches my awesome purple wallpaper that went up on the opposite wall this month as well!  I am loving it and it sure looks way nicer then my folding chair!  Total cost was about $60, it helps if you can take advantage of left over wood, paint and tools for sure!  Hope you guys enjoyed this!



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