Spring Mini Sessions {Shelburne Holiday Photographer}

I wasn’t planning on releasing this post until Easter weekend but I just couldn’t resist! Last Sunday we did the annual Spring Mini Sessions and completely sold out with the cutest little ones ever!  I had an absolute blast photographing everyone and absolutely loved how the kids interacted with the little lamb and the chicken we brought in for the shoot!  Our sweet chicken was a black Silky in the bird cage and she was so quiet and just enjoyed the day’s excitement.  Our little lamb on the other hand was about as curious and energetic as a toddler and wanted in on all the action! We made sure to get him in on all the photos and I absolutely loved how both the lamb and the kids were so curious and sweet with each other! It was just precious!

Our first little lady here, Zoey, is modeling a few different hats that were made by her moma Amy from Zibblet Designs.  She was amazing enough to make us 2 bunny hats for the mini sessions and I have to say the kids looked adorable in them! Make sure to check out her Facebook page to see more of her hand made collection!

ZoeyB 09

ZoeyB 29

ZoeyB 39

ZoeyB 45

ZoeyB 63 AvaR 19

AvaR 06

Kody 02

Kody 23 Kody 34

Bella 34

Pheonix 08

Pheonix 19 AvaY 15

ZoeyS 12 ZoeyS 21

Trinity 01 Trinity 19

AND let’s not forget our star attraction! Little Lamby! Ohhh he was sooo good but too curious to stay still so I only got a couple shots of him on his own.  I didn’t want to bring him back to his home at the end of the day and I sure do miss him! He was such a sweet little guy!

Lamby 02

Lamby 06


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