Little … Kinda Biggish … Update

So I have a little bit of a kinda big piece of information to share with all my wonderful clients.  I’ve been holding off waiting for the right time since it’s a huge piece of my personal life that is about to change. BUT as it’s getting closer and many of you are slowly finding out, especially once you see me, and it will affect my June & July calendar, I figure now is as good of a time as any to share.
Well here it goes: My husband and I are expecting our first baby this June!  Phewf! I said it! It’s out! LOL We are so excited and anxious and excited! Did I mention how excited we are??

Well it’s going to be a huge change for us and so I’ve had to modify my booking schedule for this summer.  I won’t be taking any advanced bookings for the entire month of June and for the first half of July.  What do I mean by that? Well I’d hate to cancel on anyone if the baby comes earlier or later then expected and since this is my first baby I’m also not sure how I’m going to be feeling or what to expect so close to my due date and also after I’ve had the baby.  SO once June comes around if I am still doing good and I have a better idea of when this little one might make his or her arrival I may take on a few more sessions but most likely no more then a day or 2 in advance just to be safe. Once the baby comes I’ll be able to update everyone on when to expect regular bookings to begin again.  I’ll be keeping everyone up to date via the blog, twitter and facebook but you can also email me ( if you would like more information about anything at all.

If you are looking for session dates for the remainder of April and May please contact me soon, weekends are just about completely booked and weekday sessions are filling up quickly!

And because no post is complete without a photo, enjoy a little peek of my silly smily baby from our 20 week ultrasound!


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