Jesse & Jon {Melancthon Engagement Photographer}

Oooooooooow! How I loved getting back into engagement photo season by starting it out on Jon’s family farm!  It was a beautiful April day and I was having a blast playing with the sun light as it slowly lowered for the day.  Plus I was so excited when Jon said he would bring out his bright orange Allis-Chalmers tractor! All you country folks, you know what I’m talking about! I had one refinished for my own wedding and they are sharp looking!  I can’t wait for this wedding … while I was talking to Jesse during our initial consultation she was telling me all about the country chic elements that she was going to be including on their wedding day and I’ve got to say I was pretty excited just listening to the details! She is definitely my kinda bride!

JJ 061

JJ 069pbw

JJ 072pbw JJ 073pbw

JJ 065

JJ 078pbw

JJ 079pbw

JJ 042

JJ 004pbw JJ 005pbw

JJ 013pbw

JJ 018p2

JJ 026

JJ 028 JJ 030

JJ 032

JJ 041pbw

JJ 083 JJ 091pbw

teaserbw JJ 112pbw

JJ 106

JJ 116pbw

JJ 119pbw

JJ 124pbw

JJ 130pbw JJ 158

JJ 132

JJ 142pbw

JJ 144pbw

JJ 166


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