Jesse & Adi’s Mother’s Day Session {Shelburne Photographer}

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I’ve been busy working on capturing some beautiful memories of Mommas and their families.  This session was for a first time Momma, Jesse, who is celebrating her first Mother’s Day with her cutie patootie daughter Adi.  What better way to document such an amazing milestone then by doing a little photo shoot! We used the forested area and pathway that is between No Frills and Fiddle Park in Shelburne and it worked perfectly!  I loved that we caught some of the left over snow (from our insane spring storm that happened just days earlier) along side all the spring blooms that are starting to come up.  I also loved how amazingly easy Adi was to shoot! Talk about a happy and super photogenic little 10 month old!  I had so much fun with this little session!

Wishing you all the best in your first Mother’s Day Jesse!

J&A 169

J&A 013 J&A 019pbw

J&A 060

J&A 141pbw

J&A 147

J&A 086 J&A 171

J&A 094pbw

J&A 145

J&A 153pbw

J&A 137pbw


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