Lisa & Trav {Orangeville Engagement Photographer}

Talk about a stunning couple and some perfect lighting! This is one of my favorite couples this year for sure … Ok Ok I’m biased … Lisa and Trav are actually close friends with my husband and I so their wedding has some extra special importance to us and is one that I’m really excited for this year! We went out to a Mono Cliffs in Orangeville for this session and I’ve got to hand it to Trav, he was definitely a trooper and LOVES Lisa because I know that he is not big into photos (much like my own husband and most of his close friends LOL). And so I tried to keep it short, simple and beautiful so Lisa got some amazing photos and Trav didn’t have to be tortured for too long :p They were amazing and way more comfortable in front of the camera then they gave themselves credit for! Then add the beautiful sunset light and wala! I am just that much more excited for their wedding day! You guys were amazing .. the countdown is on now!

L+T 117

L+T 008pbw

L+T 021

L+T 025pbw

L+T 033pbw

L+T 043

L+T 038pbw

L+T 005 L+T 059

L+T 057pbw

L+T 064 L+T 066pbw

L+T 067

L+T 076pbw

L+T 091

L+T 078pbw L+T 080pbw

L+T 082 L+T 084pbw

L+T 099pbw

L+T 106 L+T 108

L+T 110

L+T 113p2

L+T 115 L+T 120pbw

I had to add the last one just for Trav! He was so excited when we wrapped up LOL Lisa you’ve got a keeper … I know he did this just for you 😉


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