Diana & Adam {Orangeville Maternity Photographer}

Well it’s getting close to that time for me!  Today marks an official 38 weeks and I am so ready to meet our little baby!!  I’m officially on my ‘maternity leave’ now (as much as I hate having to stop shooting for a few weeks)  since everything has really begun to get sore and uncomfortable which is making shooting slightly awkward … plus I’m slightly embarrassed of my new marshmallow feet that are slowing me down more then I’d like to admit.  I’m taking this time to get the final touches done in the nursery and catch up on all the editing from the last 2 super busy weeks of shooting … and hopefully put my feet up a little!

Once our little one arrives I’ll be updating everyone via the blog, facebook and twitter so stay tuned! I’ll also let you all know as soon as I start taking regular bookings again (definitely August is operating as per normal, although it is nearly filled!), BUT if you do have any questions or want to be on a priority standby list for June and July please email me (Diana@DianaWhytePhotography.com) and I will definitely give you first priority and update you personally with my availability.

Well, now for some fun stuff! I thought I would share some maternity photos from my own session before my little one makes his or her arrival.  I asked my best friend to give me a hand capturing a few photos and she really was amazing at putting up with all my composure instructions and camera checks to make sure everything was set up properly.  She did an incredible job with the photos … possible change of career?? LOL That is if I didn’t drive her totally insane lol
Even my hubby caved and did a few photos with me! He doesn’t particularly like being in front of the camera and for some reason gets weirded out by maternity photos (go figure he married a photographer right?!? LOL) but he did them like a trooper!  And I totally love him for that! BUT I did have to let him wear his camo hat lol I wouldn’t have it any other way … it’s a total reflection of us!
Well here they are!

D&A 036

D&A 003 D&A 008

D&A 010

D&A 016pbw

D&A 018

D&A 020 D&A 024

D&A 026pbw

D&A 033

D&A 029pbw D&A 038pbw

D&A 042

D&A 046pbw D&A 051

D&A 054

D&A 058pbw

So the next few are a little more risque .. I wasn’t sure if I would actually like these but really wanted to give them a shot and to be honest I loved how they turned out!  I just can’t believe how round my bump is in them lol

D&A 063pbw D&A 065pbw

D&A 074 D&A 076-1pbw

D&A 077

D&A 079

D&A 092

D&A 093pbw

D&A 095

D&A 100


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