Ashley & Sean {Oakville Engagement Photographer}

Ashley and Sean chose an amazing location for their engagement photos.  We went down to the waterfront in Oakville and it was beautiful! Not only were we able to capture the stunning lakeside but we were also able to capture the boats in the marina, the beautiful gardens and some of the old buildings.  Combine a perfect location with a beautiful couple that are so in sync with each other and wala! A perfect session! Hahaha I had so much fun with you guys, I can’t wait for the wedding!


A+S 024pbw

A+S 032

A+S 084

A+S 100pbw

A+S 105

A+S 124pbw A+S 138pbw

A+S 126

A+S 144

A+S 152 A+S 156pbw

A+S 162

A+S 164 A+S 168

A+S 176 A+S 205

A+S 189pbw

A+S 194

A+S 207 A+S 044pbw

A+S 173pbw


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