Whitney & Mike {Shelburne / Melancthon Engagement Photographer}

Whitney & Mike were such an easy going relaxed couple.  I loved that they were able to take a few simple instructions and pose themselves effortlessly for me … but after 8 years together it shouldn’t be a surprise that they were so natural with one another!  This summer they’ll be exchanging vows on Whitney’s family’s property and as I got the tour before we started shooting, I just know it is going to be a beautiful wedding!  After a few shots at her parent’s house, we went to an off road trail that Whitney and Mike frequent with Mike’s Jeep.  I loved that we were able to incorporate a personal love of theirs into the shoot! And I also loved that I found a new favorite local spot to shoot!


W+M 001 W+M 035pbw

W+M 009pbw

W+M 015

W+M 032

W+M 038pbw

W+M 045

W+M 064pbw

W+M 068pbw

W+M 073pbw W+M 075

W+M 091

W+M 101

W+M 103pbw

W+M 113 W+M 128

W+M 153

W+M 162pbw W+M 172

W+M 167

W+M 164

W+M 114


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