Jaime-Lyn & Mike {Orangeville Engagement Photographer}

We first met Jaime and Mike just over a year and a half ago at the Orangeville Bridal Show.  They had booked us on the spot well in advance and what seemed like a wedding date that was so far away is now coming up so soon!
We’ve exchanged many emails since then and seen them at the bridal show once again this year but it was definitely great to finally work with them and do their engagement photos!  They were so much fun … not only did they bring along some great personal props, like the picnic basket and card that Mike used to purpose and their lacrosse stick (they met playing), but they also managed to get a hold of a vintage horse carriage for some of their photos! I had a great time capturing them and getting to know them better! Can’t wait for the wedding!

Teaser PMP

J+M 009pbw J+M 028pbw

J+M 017pbw J+M 025pbw

J+M 033 J+M 055pbw

J+M 051

J+M 059

J+M 062pbw

J+M 063

J+M 065pbw

J+M 067

J+M 044 J+M 049

J+M 084

J+M 098pbw

J+M 104pbw

J+M 105

J+M 115pbw

J+M 121 J+M 169pbw

J+M 146

J+M 166


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