Mason {Shelburne / Melancthon Newborn Photographer}

This little man was amazing for his first photo shoot! We were racing against the clock .. first because we actually wound up shooting these on my own “Due Date” (my little one seemed to be nice and cozy right where she was and I was feeling great so we snuck little Mason in) AND second because we were working with about 40 minutes left of light.  I love shooting at sunset so I was thrilled that Mason was willing to let us dress him up and plop him in all the props.  He was so good!  And his faces and expressions were just priceless! He absolutely melted my heart!  Enjoy the images .. yet another reason I love outdoor newborn sessions 🙂


Mason 003 Mason 039

Thank you to Zibblet Designs for the amazing owl hat and cape that we used for the below image.

Mason 022

Mason 070pbw

Mason 060

Mason 068pbw

Mason 026

Mason 077pbw

Mason 081pbw

Mason 011

Mason 103pbw Mason 104pbw

Mason 110pbw


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