Nursery & A Newborn {Shelburne Newborn Photographer}

Paisley’s nursery has been months and months in the making and I’m so happy with how it all turned out!  Adam and I decided on a gender neutral, yellow and grey colour scheme since we really wanted to finish it before we had Paisley and we hadn’t found out the gender.  Of course we also had to make sure it had just the right amount of country, vintage and modern elements to it.  The crib, change table, rocking chair and dresser were all second hand finds from family and friends, the side of the road and from the Orangeville/Shelburne Moms Buy & Sell group on Facebook.  We painted them all white and replaced any knobs to give it a clean, chic and cohesive look.  All of the bedding, pillows, curtains  and chair covers were custom made by me with fabric that I finally found (it took months of looking at piles of different fabric stores) at the Guelph Fabricland.  I wanted to use more modern fabrics that my baby could grow into that would still be fun.  Funny enough I found the paisley grey white and yellow fabric well before we even considered Paisley as a little girls’ name.  I think she was definitely meant to be a Paisley!  The curtain rod, mobile and lantern stands were all logs and branches cut from Adam’s family farm and bring a great rustic touch to the room that work great with the other country elements; the rocking horses, cowhide rug, the handmade quilt with chickens on it, the burlap covered trunk perfect for all her toys, we even have a sheep skin throw now and we can’t forget Paisley’s very own “Stall Sign” that hangs above her crib… We made the stall sign the exact same way we do for Adam’s show cattle (it hangs above their pen at the shows with all their birth info on it).  And the mobile was also made using branches with scented decorative balls from Walmart that I painted and wrapped yarn around to give it a more unique touch.   Almost forgot about the wall hooks! We made it out of an old piece of barn board that we used for our wedding (which has our wedding date painted on it) and picked up some vintage looking knobs from Home Depot to use as the hooks to hang hats, cloths, hair bands and all sorts of other things.
We tried to make as much as possible ourselves for the room and I’m really glad we did (although at the time I know I cursed many of the jobs LOL).  Now we are just hoping to add a few more feminine accents to the room to make it more personal for Paisley .. but that will be a task that we will do as we see some really neat things this summer.

I also included some photos of Paisley in her nursery at 1 week old … my goodness I can’t believe how time is flying! She will be 4 weeks on Thursday! Crazy!

So hope you enjoy a peek into Paisley’s world 🙂

Paisley's Nursery 03

Paisley's Nursery 24

Paisley's Nursery 08

Paisley's Nursery 01

Paisley's Nursery 02 Paisley's Nursery 06

Paisley's Nursery 05

Paisley's Nursery 04

Paisley's Nursery 07 Paisley's Nursery 11

I had to get at least one of Paisley all bundled up in her hat and blanky that I made for her.  She looks like a little doll when she is wearing it all!

Paisley's Nursery 10

Here is Paisley’s very own stall sign!  His show cattle have the exact same signs (with all the cows info on it) This was Adam’s must have for the room.

Paisley's Nursery 12

Paisley's Nursery 13

Paisley's Nursery 25

Love this hand crafted rocking horse we received as a gift!

Paisley's Nursery 14 Paisley's Nursery 15

Paisley's Nursery 18 Paisley's Nursery 17

Paisley's Nursery 16 Paisley's Nursery 19

Paisley's Nursery 26

Can’t forget all her cowgirl boots! She officially has more pairs than I do!

Paisley's Nursery 20

Paisley's Nursery 21

Paisley's Nursery 22

Paisley's Nursery 23

Paisley's Nursery 27

Paisley's Nursery 28

Love this shot of Adam and Paisley .. absolutely precious!

Paisley's Nursery 30 Paisley's Nursery 32pbw

Paisley's Nursery 33


One thought on “Nursery & A Newborn {Shelburne Newborn Photographer}

  1. There are so many good things to say about this nursery that I don’t even know where to start! I love all the fabrics you chose and how well they work together. I love the use of logs and branches to bring touches of nature to the room. I love the repurposing of your wedding sign! Often people have cool elements to their wedding that they can never use again – this is perfect! You can tell how much hard work was put into this room. It’s perfect for little Paisley! (I know this is a photography blog, not a decorating blog … but I am very excited about the room design!)

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