Paisley {Shelburne Newborn Photographer}

We celebrated Paisley’s 1 month Birthday on Saturday by going to the Toronto Blue Jays game 🙂 It was a fantastic day and although she had no idea what was really going on she loved being out and about getting tons of attention.  She even got to run the bases with daddy and got a tweet from Greg Zaun!  It was a super exciting day!  I thought I would share some of the photos I took of her at 14 days old and of course I had to start with her baseball ones.  Daddy was very excited for these ones and her football pose.  Ohh sweet girl I wish I could keep you this tiny forever! BUT I know that it only gets better from here as you grow 🙂

I did get a little carried away making Paisley model some of the hair pieces, hats and props that I have.  I have to thank Amy & Leanna for their beautiful work too! (Some of them were made by me but most were made by them).  Check out Leanna’s Etsy shop Petite Fleur Co. and make sure to LIKE here Facebook Page! And ALSO make sure to check out Amy’s shop and LIKE her Facebook Page Zibblet Designs!

Paisley 41

Paisley 43

Paisley 45pbw

Paisley 07

Paisley 38

LOVE LOVE LOVE this owl hat and cape made by Zibblet Designs!

Paisley 20

Paisley 12

Paisley 15pbw

So when Amy told me she had a few new items for me I did not expect this AMAZING mermaid set! I absolutely LOVE this!

Paisley 50

Paisley 48

Paisley 49 Paisley 60Paisley 59

Paisley 22

Paisley 25

Paisley 27

Paisley 29

Paisley 52

Paisley 30

Paisley 31

Paisley 56

LOVE Paisley’s face in this shot! What a silly girl she is!

Paisley 02


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