Paisley & Us {Orangeville Family Photographer}

So once again I enlisted the help of my best friend Nicky to give me a hand capturing our very first set of family photos with little Paisley.  Well we were missing our dog Tonka but he’ll be in the next set hopefully.  Nicky put up with me again through all my set ups and instructions and I LOVE her for that! haha  We went to Adam’s farm again, although this time it was a little tricky because all our favorite spots have been fenced in for his show cattle so we needed to mind the heifers and calves for this shoot.  BUT Adam made sure we got plenty of photos with them behind us … it always seems to be a lot easier to convince him to do photos if his show cattle can be involved!

I absolutely LOVE how these turned out and they are definitely a memory to cherish!  So enjoy a little peek into our world!

Family 2012 106

Family 2012 009 Family 2012 145

Family 2012 127

Family 2012 016 Family 2012 019

Family 2012 031

Family 2012 036 Family 2012 139

Family 2012 045 Family 2012 046

Family 2012 052 Family 2012 055

Family 2012 061 Family 2012 069

Family 2012 070

Family 2012 076

Family 2012 085 Family 2012 093

Family 2012 115 Family 2012 094

Family 2012 133 Family 2012 138

Family 2012 123


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