Danielle & Miguel {Markham Wedding Photographer}

Danielle & Miguel had a beautiful and intimate wedding ceremony at the Markham Civic Centre Wedding Chapel that included about 14 of there closest friends and family followed by an elegant dinner reception at Terra Restaurant in Thornhill .  It was simple and charming and a pleasure to be a part of! Wishing you guys all the best!

D+M 184

D+M 008pbw D+M 013pbw

D+M 031pbw D+M 030pbw

D+M 035pbw

D+M 069pbw

D+M 075pbw D+M 080pbw

D+M 106

D+M 128

D+M 175 D+M 203

D+M 179pbw D+M 191pbw

D+M 196pbw D+M 199pbw

D+M 205 D+M 216pbw

D+M 220pbw

D+M 225pbw

D+M 233

D+M 243

D+M 251


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