Paisley at One Month {Shelburne Newborn Photographer}

This week marked Paisley’s 2 month Birthday! Whooooaaaa I don’t know where the time is actually going!  It’s been one of the busiest and BEST summers of my life between all the photo sessions and weddings that have been booked and of course becoming a new momma and enjoying every spare second with my little girl!  I just need a few more hours in my days for cuddles and editing! And maybe one or two more months of summer! Can you believe this is the last long weekend this summer?!?  I’m slowly catching up on everyones orders but hopefully you have all been checking Facebook for the teasers I’ve posted from all the shoots this summer.

So these are about a month late but they were taken of Paisley at one month old.  I want to do a little collage of her every month for her first year so I decided to take a photo each month with her in the same yellow headband and in the same 2 poses to document all her little changes.  And of course while I was taking those I took a pile more with some of the new props I have.  I’ll hopefully be posting her 2 month old photos in the next week or 2 once I catch up a little on client orders 🙂















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