Malaika {Shelburne Newborn Photographer}

As promised last week, here is Safiya and Dan’s little angel to follow their maternity session post.  She was just the sweetest little thing and pretty much let us do anything to her .. so long as we kept the heater close! LOL

Thank you Safiya & Dan for allowing me to capture yet another milestone of your lives together!

Malaika 114

Malaika 117

Malaika 109

Malaika 104

Malaika 120

Malaika 054pbw

Malaika 056pbw

Malaika 057pbw

Malaika 058pbw

Malaika 022pbw

Malaika 024pbw Malaika 031pbw

Malaika 034 Malaika 020

Malaika 048

Malaika 071 Malaika 080pbw

Malaika 073


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