2012 Orangeville Fair Ambassadors {Orangeville Portrait Photographer}

So my next couple posts are going to date back to the end of summer, to FAIR TIME! These head shots of the Orangeville Fair Ambassadors were taken at the Orangeville Fair.  The ambassador program is such an amazing opportunity and is always looking for new participants; both male and female.  There are 2 catagories: Junior Ambassador which is for anyone under 18 years old and senior ambassador for 18+.  Being a past Orangeville Ambassador myself, I can tell you that it is an AMAZING experience! Not only does it look great on a resume, counts towards community service hours (for high school students), helps you with life skills like public speaking, interviews, leadership ect.  BUT you also get to go to The Royal York for a weekend and The CNE for a weekend (for the seniors)! Ohh and one of my favorite things was getting to ride in Orangeville’s Tractor Parade of Lights! It really is a great experience and if your looking to get involved and represent your town check out the Orangeville Fair Ambassador Facebook Page HERE.  Ashley is in charge of running the program and you can message her right on the Facebook Page for additional information or email the OAS office at fair@orangevillefairgrounds.ca.  The sooner you register the better! The competition takes place in August.  And one nice bonus (amongst the other prizes you’ll win) is that you will receive a professional head shot by yours truly 🙂  I have been donating my photography service for several years to the ambassador competition and it has been a great way to give back to a program that offers so much!

DWP_4953 DWP_4948

DWP_4318 DWP_4304



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