Christmas {Hockley Valley Family Photographer}

So I have to admit it is pretty tough each year to come up with a pile of different ideas for Christmas Photos. And especially when I have several clients that are part of the same family! It’s a challenge but one that I am always up for!  As most of you know I would way rather shoot outdoors with natural lighting, natural landscapes and just the plain ol’ natural beauty that surrounds us outdoors.  I was so happy that these guys were up for my idea of heading to Hockley Valley Tree Farms! It was a warm November day with absolutely no snow BUT the Christmas trees and the amazing outfits and accessories really made these photos Christmas-ey-er and made them POP.  I love being able to do something different and completely out of the norm.  It definitely paid off!

I have to send a HUGE thank you to Jane at Hockley Valley Tree Farms for allowing us to shoot on the farm.  If you are still in need of a tree make sure to check them out! They are located at 934091 Airport Rd. in Hockley Valley.  Such a beautiful property and amazing people!

Cristoforo 007

Cristoforo 012pbw

Cristoforo 024pbw Cristoforo 029

Cristoforo 034 Cristoforo 039pbw

Cristoforo 043 Cristoforo 049

Cristoforo 051pbw

Cristoforo 054pbw Cristoforo 093pbw

Cristoforo 062

Cristoforo 095

Cristoforo 098pbw

Cristoforo 106pbw

Cristoforo 128

Cristoforo 115

Cristoforo 123

Cristoforo 135

Cristoforo 148

Cristoforo 158pbw

Cristoforo 162

Cristoforo 172

Cristoforo 193pbw

Cristoforo 204 Cristoforo 210

Cristoforo 207 Cristoforo 208

Cristoforo 199pbw


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