Nicole & Luigi {Orangeville Engagement Photographer}

I took Lui and Nicole to Island Lake in Orangeville for their beautiful engagement photos.  I just loved how they laughed the entire time! They had such genuine love for each other and I had an amazing time capturing it!

N+L 236

N+L 022pbw

N+L 006

N+L 012pbw

N+L 029

N+L 034pbw

N+L 051

N+L 055pbw

N+L 067pbw

N+L 071pbw

N+L 094

N+L 097pbw

N+L 099

N+L 106

N+L 110

N+L 112

N+L 120pbw

N+L 133pbw

N+L 149pbw

N+L 157

N+L 177pbw

N+L 191

N+L 189 N+L 040

N+L 262pbw

N+L 280

N+L 297 N+L 299pbw


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