Family Fun at the Fair! {Orangeville Family Photographer}


I LOVE LOVE LOVE photos at the fair! This was The Orangeville Fall Fair on Labour Day weekend.  It’s the second time I’ve had the chance to shoot at the fair and I absolutely just adore the photos from it!  Sometimes it’s hard to keep younger children entertained during a photo session … sometimes it’s hard to keep the adults entertained too LOL … BUT the fair is soooooo perfect because what really makes the photos special is the candid interaction between loved ones while they are actually doing something FUN!  It brings out the most genuine smiles and laughs AND that it my goal in each and every photo session … the fair just makes it sooo easy to do!

Lisa, your family was just too much fun to work/play with during this session! Thank you so much for a great evening!

Ward Family 230

Ward Family 243pbw

Ward Family 212 Ward Family 192

Ward Family 174 Ward Family 183pbw

Ward Family 169

Ward Family 126

Ward Family 130

Ward Family 136 Ward Family 133

Ward Family 162

Ward Family 002

Ward Family 009 Ward Family 015

Ward Family 031pbw

Ward Family 040

Ward Family 044

Ward Family 072

Ward Family 074

Ward Family 109

Ward Family 095


One thought on “Family Fun at the Fair! {Orangeville Family Photographer}

  1. Such great memories! Thanks again Diana for capturing these amazing pictures. We had do much fun and you were amazing. You would never know that this was the first time we had met … The kids were in a fun, comforting atmosphere, and you became our instant friend, capturing their amazing smiles … Thank you … Now, where to go next!!!!

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