Lily & Irelynn {Shelburne Newborn Photographer}

When Lily & Irelynn’s momma contacted me (months before these 2 angels were born) I was absolutely ecstatic to hear that I would get to shoot my first set of twins!  After 5 years of shooting newborns, I still hadn’t come across twins strangely enough.  They arrived early and after a little TLC at the NICU, they were finally home and I got the call that they were ready for their photos!  When they came in Lily was 4lbs and Irelynn was 7lb (both had doubled their birth weight if I remember correctly!).  They were definitely the tiniest babies I have ever had the chance to cuddle and goodness were they ever cuddly!  They melted my heart right away!  Lily was such a feisty little peanut and her sister Irelynn was just a calm laid back little doll.  It was amazing to see their strong personalities shining through at such a young age!  I loved every second of working with these two girls 🙂

Lily & Irelynn 011

Lily & Irelynn 027pbw

Lily & Irelynn 030pbw

Lily & Irelynn 035pbw

Lily & Irelynn 038pbw

Lily & Irelynn 051pbw

Lily & Irelynn 079

Lily & Irelynn 093

Lily & Irelynn 100

Lily & Irelynn 102


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