Ashley + Chris {Orangeville Couples Photographer}


Ashely and Chris AND their dogs dogs were so amazing to work with.  Ashley contacted me to do this session because her boyfriend Chris surprised her with a huge heart made out of little picture frames over their bed and she wanted some photos to fill it with.  First, how amazing was Chris for doing that!! And second, I love that I had the opportunity to give them some new beautiful photos that will be showcased in their home!

A+C 062

A+C 054pbw

A+C 064

A+C 088

A+C 115

A+C 121

A+C 126

A+C 140pbw A+C 145pbw

A+C 172

A+C 174pbw

A+C 191

A+C 201

A+C 230

A+C 240

A+C 256

A+C 263pbw

A+C 271

A+C 273

A+C 274pbw

A+C 290

A+C 306 A+C 309

A+C 295pbw

A+C 296


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