Annelle {Shelburne Newborn Photographer}

Darling little Annelle was a true miracle.  Her parents and especially her momma were so brave and such inspirations.  Her momma, Jordan, had developed Placenta Previa and Placenta Percreta (this is where the placenta goes through uterine wall and goes into other organs) during her pregnancy with Annelle.  Jordan spent a lot of time on bed rest and 26 days prior to delivering this little angel she was in the  hospital.  Annelle was delivered at 35 weeks because of the risk of bleeding to both her and her momma.  As with most, Placenta Percreta moms, Jordan had a c-section delivery followed by a hysterectomy.  I talked to Jordan through the last half of her pregnancy as we tried to arrange to do maternity photos and newborn photos and we talked a little about the struggle of it all and I can’t even imagine what her and her family went through.  But Jordan was so brave throughout everything.  She did everything she could to make sure her little girl would be delivered safely and healthily.  She was one tough momma through it and had such love, courage and devotion to this little girl growing inside her.  She was truly inspiring! The last photo on this post was one specifically requested by Jordan.  She wanted to capture her incision along with Annelle right beside it.  A memory of the journey that brought her here.  I was really touched by this photo and it was so beautiful the way Annelle would look up at her momma during this shot with {what could only be described as} admiration and appreciation for all her momma had done to bring her into this world.  Make sure to scroll down to check it out.
Annelle came in for her photos at 17 days fresh and she was the most perfect little peanut ever! She slept through the WHOLE shoot, let me pose her however I liked and was such a little star!  I could have kept her at my studio all day!  Even big brother Braeden {whose newborn photos I also had the pleasure of doing a couple years back (check them out HERE)} was so patient with us – it definitely helped that I had his favourite movie, Cars, on dvd!  Thank you Jordan for allowing me to capture your amazing and beautiful family and this important milestone in your lives! xo

Hair Accessories by Sassy Sweet Pea
Hats by Zibblet Designs

Annelle 118

Annelle 122

Annelle 129

Annelle 133

Annelle 097

Annelle 106pbw

Annelle 108pbw

Annelle 109pbw

Annelle 105 Annelle 045pbw

Annelle 011

Annelle 005pbw Annelle 047pbw

Annelle 012

Annelle 023pbw Annelle 038pbw

Annelle 025

Annelle 036

Annelle 027pbw

Annelle 033pbw

Annelle 056

Annelle 069 Annelle 073

Annelle 075

Annelle 078pbw

Annelle 087

Annelle 081

Annelle 141pbw


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