Lynzee & Jeremy {Orangeville Engagement Photographer}

Talk about some stunning fall photos! Jeremy is my husbands cousin and it was such a pleasure to be able to shoot his and Lynzee’s engagement session.  We headed over to one of my absolute favourite photo locations, Mono Cliffs, and between the pretty fall colours, the beautiful sun setting and this super fun couple, I had so much fun! I can’t wait for your wedding guys!

L+J 149

L+J 010

L+J 004 L+J 014pbw

L+J 019pbw

L+J 033pbw

L+J 038

L+J 044pbw

L+J 052pbw

L+J 066pbw L+J 072

L+J 070

L+J 080

L+J 081pbw

L+J 094 L+J 101pbw

L+J 106

L+J 107 L+J 144pbw

L+J 128

L+J 132

L+J 141

L+J 160pbw

L+J 166

L+J 175 L+J 180

L+J 190

L+J 195

L+J 202

L+J 211pbw

L+J 223pbw

L+J 224

L+J 229


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