Amanda & Scott {Caledon Wedding Photographer}

Amanda & Scott’s beautiful wedding started at The Barber Shop in Orangeville, where the boys got an ol’ fashioned shave and some ‘masculine’ pampering.  We then met up with Amanda at Hockley Valley Resort where her and the girls were getting ready in the beautiful 2 floored bridal suite.  Once everyone was all prettied up, we headed over to one of my favourite local venues in Caledon, Tralee.  It was a perfect day and Amanda arrived to the isle by horse and buggy!  Once the “I Dos” were said and the photos were taken, Amanda and Scott slipped away to enjoy an intimate dinner in the gazebo before joining their guests for the reception.  Thank you both for letting us capture your beautiful wedding day! We wish you all the best in the years to come!

A+S 0785

A+S 0001pbw

A+S 0070

A+S 0076pbw

A+S 0079

A+S 0086

A+S 0109pbw

A+S 0145

A+S 0156 A+S 0159

A+S 0162 A+S 0165pbw

A+S 0188 A+S 0202

A+S 0218 A+S 0246pbw

A+S 0257pbw A+S 0274pbw

A+S 0397pbw

A+S 0403pbw

A+S 0443

A+S 0446

A+S 0477

A+S 0487pbw

A+S 0499

A+S 0518pbw

A+S 0522pbw

A+S 0544pbw

A+S 0555

A+S 0615

A+S 0636

A+S 0647

A+S 0659pbw

A+S 0660

A+S 0684 A+S 0689

A+S 0696 A+S 0702

A+S 0708pbw

A+S 0711pbw

A+S 0739

A+S 0746

A+S 0757pbw

A+S 0767

A+S 0771pbw

A+S 0781 A+S 0878

A+S 0884pbw

A+S 0889

A+S 0890

A+S 0898

A+S 0899


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