Nicole & Luigi {Vaughan Wedding Photographer}

Nicole and Lui had such a beautiful wedding day filled with stunning details from Lui’s camera cufflinks, to Nicole’s perfectly peachy pink shoes that matched the decor, to the jaw dropping wedding cake and hall setup.  Ohhh and the antipasto buffet! Ohhhhh the buffet was incredible!  hahaha I was sooo happy that the rain held off just long enough to get these beautiful images … even though we all had to run for shelter a few times while the clouds had a short and heavy downpour!

Wishing you two love birds all the best in the years to come!!

Thank you to Carly for helping second shoot this wedding!

N+L 0682pbw

N+L 0034

N+L 0007 N+L 0010

N+L 0012pbw N+L 0021pbw

N+L 0024 N+L 0025

N+L 0040

N+L 0042 N+L 0054

N+L 0052pbw N+L 0060pbw

N+L 0057pbw

N+L 0075 N+L 0081

N+L 0080

N+L 0085pbw N+L 0099pbw

N+L 0101 N+L 0104

N+L 0151pbw N+L 0156pbw

N+L 0163pbw

N+L 0165

N+L 0168pbw N+L 0237

N+L 0198pbw

N+L 0205 N+L 0232pbw

N+L 0207pbw

N+L 0239 N+L 0244

N+L 0242

N+L 0246

N+L 0261pbw

N+L 0264

N+L 0284

N+L 0295 N+L 0324pbw

N+L 0328

N+L 0342

N+L 0344

N+L 0392

N+L 0439 N+L 0443

N+L 0515

N+L 0530pbw

N+L 0543 N+L 0551

N+L 0558 N+L 0562pbw

N+L 0567

N+L 0574pbw

N+L 0579pbw

N+L 0590pbw

N+L 0593

N+L 0594

N+L 0603pbw N+L 0608

N+L 0634pbw N+L 0643pbw

N+L 0651

N+L 0654pbw

N+L 0677pbw

N+L 0683 N+L 0706

N+L 0693

N+L 0713pbw

N+L 0719 N+L 0723

N+L 0793

N+L 0795 N+L 0796

N+L 0803 N+L 0808

N+L 0813

N+L 0817 N+L 0818

N+L 0902 N+L 0827

N+L 0835

N+L 0837

N+L 0841

N+L 0867 N+L 0812

N+L 0904

N+L 0941 N+L 0955pbw

N+L 1006

N+L 1054pbw N+L 1085pbw

N+L 1064pbw


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