Ashley & Sean {Richmond Hill & King City Wedding Photographer}

Ashley and Sean had a beautiful wedding despite the stubborn weather.  They were amazing and just rolled with it and I got some beautiful photos as a result.  Ashley had the most perfect little touches all over her wedding, from the “I Do” on her shoes to her grandmother’s vintage tea cups filled with roses, it was just too pretty!  Even the boys looked dapper in their bow ties! Thank you both for allowing us to be apart of your special day!

A+S 487

A+S 003

A+S 002 A+S 007pbw

A+S 009pbw

A+S 019pbw A+S 040pbw

A+S 021 A+S 025

A+S 026 A+S 028

A+S 052

A+S 054

A+S 062pbw

A+S 109

A+S 112

A+S 130pbw

A+S 132pbw

A+S 195pbw

A+S 197pbw

A+S 250

A+S 253pbw

A+S 266pbw

A+S 269

A+S 302pbw

A+S 321

A+S 355

A+S 393

A+S 406

A+S 408pbw

A+S 412pbw A+S 413pbw

A+S 417pbw A+S 421pbw

A+S 433

A+S 438

A+S 459

A+S 468pbw A+S 478

A+S 472pbw

A+S 501pbw

A+S 506

A+S 522pbw

A+S 526

A+S 530pbw

A+S 532

A+S 551 A+S 553

A+S 447pbw A+S 449pbw

A+S 555 A+S 567

A+S 566

A+S 571

A+S 575 A+S 603

A+S 591

A+S 594pbw

A+S 600

A+S 701

A+S 704pbw


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