Lisa & Travis {Caledon Wedding Photographer}

This wedding was a special one, Lisa & Travis are family to my husband and I;  Travis and my husband have grown up together and Adam was one of his groomsmen.  It was such an honour to be part of their absolutely stunning fall wedding!
It took place at Tralee in Caledon and man was I in love with everything from this day! From Lisa’s perfect dress to the Charger that is becoming a tradition at the weddings within our close group of friends.  Then add an amazing wedding party and guest list (ok ok so I am biased because a lot of them were some of my closest friends LOL) and well I couldn’t ask for a better day!
I should also fill you in (since you’ll notice it in a pile of the photos) that we are all Jays fans (hence the wicked awesome grooms cake made by Lisa’s MOH Aneesa of A Slice Above – she also did my wedding cakes and cupcakes and is AHHHMAZING!) And Lisa is a HUGE Green Bay Packers fan, as are most of our friends EXCEPT Travis! lol so of course the boys decided it was time to join his new wife’s team as you’ll see by the garter and the cheesehead lol. Ohhhh and we definitely cannot forget the flashmob to Gangnam Style!

It was such an amazing wedding! Thank you both for allowing me to capture your perfect day.  Wishing you guys all the best in the years to come and looking forward to sharing many more amazing memories with you!

xo D L+T 534

L+T 001pbw L+T 005pbw

L+T 013

L+T 016

L+T 029pbw L+T 033

L+T 042pbw L+T 052pbw

L+T 054 L+T 055

L+T 059

L+T 061 L+T 066

L+T 116pbw

L+T 120

L+T 122

L+T 125 L+T 127

L+T 129pbw L+T 133pbw

L+T 146pbw

L+T 138pbw L+T 156

L+T 148

L+T 152

L+T 157

L+T 167pbw

L+T 170

L+T 173

L+T 174 L+T 178

L+T 179

L+T 191

L+T 182 L+T 192

L+T 204 L+T 208

L+T 215

L+T 223pbw

L+T 226pbw

L+T 230pbw

L+T 231pbw L+T 234pbw

L+T 239pbw L+T 240pbw

L+T 248pbw

L+T 246pbw

L+T 255

L+T 264

L+T 295pbw

L+T 317pbw L+T 319 L+T 345pbw

L+T 338pbw L+T 349pbw

L+T 373pbw

L+T 378pbw

L+T 387

L+T 407

L+T 427

L+T 430pbw

L+T 437

L+T 439pbw

L+T 445pbw

L+T 453pbw

L+T 459

L+T 462

L+T 465

L+T 470pbw

L+T 475

L+T 479pbw L+T 481

L+T 482

L+T 493

L+T 495

L+T 497

L+T 503whoops

L+T 505pbw

L+T 510pbw L+T 518

L+T 509pbw L+T 525pbw

L+T 520

L+T 541pbw

L+T 544 L+T 548

L+T 550pbw

L+T 553pbw

L+T 555

L+T 562

L+T 565 L+T 572pbw

L+T 574

L+T 578

L+T 586 L+T 587

L+T 593 L+T 597pbw

L+T 602 L+T 612

L+T 614

L+T 647pbw L+T 652pbw

L+T 654pbw

L+T 670pbw

L+T 682

L+T 706

L+T 714pbw

L+T 724 L+T 720pbw

L+T 722pbw L+T 729pbw


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