Paisley 7 Months {Shelburne Baby Photographer}

Well 7 months, Paisley has 2 teeth, she crawls like a mad woman and doesn’t sit still anymore, she laughs her face off in the most hilarious way, and she talks and talks and talks! haha I love this kid so much! She amazes me everyday with all the new things she is doing and learning and discovering. Although I really feel like time needs to slow down, I am loving every new experience with Paisley.  She is simply Ahhhmazing!

Hair accessories by Petite Fleur Co.

Paisley 7 Months 04

Paisley 7 Months 05

Paisley 7 Months 10

Paisley 7 Months 12

Paisley 7 Months 14

Paisley 7 Months 16

Paisley 7 Months 19

Paisley 7 Months 23

Paisley 7 Months 24

Paisley 7 Months 25


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