Michelle & Landry {Orangeville Wedding Photographer}

Michelle & Landry I think had to be one of our cutest couples ever! They have been together since grade 9 and their love and playfulness with each other was clearly evident throughout the entire day!  Their wedding was held at the Mono Community Centre a few days before Christmas.  Michelle confessed that she is not much of a winter type bride but it was important for her brother (who was also the officiant) to be there and since he was overseas, Christmas break would be the best opportunity to have him home.  What an awesome sister! And I think it was a perfect choice for him to officiate the ceremony! Talk about a great reference/reading from Dr. Suess (I believe it was).
The hall was decorated like I had never seen it done up before.  It was stunning and unrecognizable, such an amazing transformation!  And I think one of my favourite parts of the evening was  Michelle and Landry’s first dance together … soooooo cute!! And then their mother-son and father-daughter dances! They all switched partners and you could see how much fun all of them were having!

Thank you both for such an amazing day!! We wish you all the best in the years to come!!

L+M 373

L+M 002pbw L+M 003pbw

L+M 017pbw L+M 027pbw

L+M 102

L+M 103

L+M 122

L+M 172 L+M 179

L+M 176

L+M 184

L+M 187 L+M 188

L+M 189

L+M 207

L+M 211 L+M 212

L+M 235pbw

L+M 242pbw

L+M 274pbw

L+M 278pbw

L+M 283pbw

L+M 340 L+M 348

L+M 351pbw L+M 357pbw

L+M 363

L+M 366pbw L+M 370pbw

L+M 409 L+M 411pbw

L+M 413pbw L+M 415

L+M 428pbw

L+M 480

L+M 488

L+M 491

L+M 499

L+M 516 L+M 506

L+M 520pbw

L+M 605

L+M 594

L+M 609

L+M 701

L+M 704pbw

L+M 720 L+M 717

L+M 724pbw

L+M 744

L+M 753 L+M 613



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