Jacqueline & Will {Hockley Wedding Photographer}

Jacqueline & Will had the most perfect winter white wedding at Hockley Valley Resort, equipped with a sleigh ride pulled by beautiful horses!  Their hall and ceremony site was decorated to perfection by the talented team at Rachel A. Clingen Wedding & Event Design. And you couldn’t have asked for a better bridal party who faced the freezing cold day with so much energy and excitement during the photos.  Plus how amazing are all the shawls the girls are wearing?!!

Thank you both for an amazing day and we wish you all the best in the years to come!!

J+W 0504

J+W 0002 J+W 0003

J+W 0006

J+W 0014

J+W 0022pbw

J+W 0087 J+W 0091

J+W 0115pbw J+W 0119pbw

J+W 0122 J+W 0123pbw

J+W 0126 J+W 0131pbw

J+W 0225

J+W 0223

J+W 0235

J+W 0241 J+W 0242

J+W 0295pbw

J+W 0299pbw

J+W 0342

J+W 0364pbw

J+W 0373pbw

J+W 0374pbw

J+W 0378pbw

J+W 0379pbw

J+W 0399pbw

J+W 0419

J+W 0425

J+W 0432pbw J+W 0567pbw

J+W 0446pbw J+W 0449

J+W 0448

J+W 0458pbw J+W 0438

J+W 0459

J+W 0462pbw

J+W 0470

J+W 0475

J+W 0481pbw

J+W 0500pbw

J+W 0504

J+W 0508

J+W 0513pbw

J+W 0525

J+W 0529pbw

J+W 0533 J+W 0555pbw

J+W 0548pbw

J+W 0559

J+W 0612 J+W 0616

J+W 0620

J+W 0627

J+W 0632

J+W 0671 J+W 0677pbw

J+W 0735pbw

J+W 0771

J+W 0776pbw

J+W 0785pbw

J+W 0844

J+W 0852pbw

J+W 0859pbw

J+W 0865pbw

J+W 0875

J+W 0880

J+W 0886

J+W 0938

J+W 0943

J+W 0945

J+W 0950

J+W 0955

J+W 0960

J+W 0965 J+W 0968

J+W 0969

J+W 1009

J+W 1019

J+W 1041

J+W 1046

J+W 1049

J+W 1052


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