Paisley’s 10 Month Session {Toronto & Wasaga Beach Baby Photographer}

So I did a double whammy for Paisley’s 10 month session.  First we hit Wasaga Beach at sunset for these first few shots.  I am IN LOVE with these … I’m thinking one of these is going to make a canvas in my house! It was so perfect with this beach wood tee pee! Who ever made this and left it on the beach for us to all enjoy, let me say, I love you and thank you!

For the second half, I took Paisley to High Park in Toronto while the cherry blossoms were in full bloom.  My bestie also joined us for some fun photos.  We even ended up taking our Diana Cameras (for anyone that doesn’t know the toy looking cams you’ll see in some of the photos below are called Diana F+ Cameras and are a lomography cameras – which basically gives a very soft and dreamy looking photo on 120 film).  My bestie and I both wound up purchasing the cams solely for the fact that both of our names are Diana! haha we couldn’t not! The photos we took with our Diana Cams are yet to be developed though. But we had a blast hanging out for the day with Paisley and the stunning blossoms!

10 Months 17p2

10 Months 24p2

10 Months 22p2

10 Months 27p2

10 Months 29p2

10 Months 14p2

10 Months 01p2 10 Months 04p2

10 Months 06p2 10 Months 10p2

10 Months 51p2

10 Months 52p2

10 Months 55p2

10 Months 63p2

10 Months 65pbw

10 Months 66pbw

10 Months 67p2

10 Months 72p2

10 Months 44pbw

10 Months 43pbw 10 Months 35p2

10 Months 38p2


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