P+T {Shelburne Maternity Photography}

Pam’s maternity session was absolutely stunning.  She was up for absolutely everything and I think the end result totally paid off.  I mean just check out how gorgeous Pam {and her men} are in these photos!!

All the best with your new little girl!!

Pamela 150

Pamela 121p2

Pamela 137p2

Pamela 142pbw

Pamela 163p2

Pamela 164p2

Pamela 169pbw

Pamela 179

Pamela 052pbw

Pamela 057pbw

Pamela 059pbw

Pamela 063

Pamela 064

Pamela 073

Pamela 079pbw

Pamela 080pbw

Pamela 067p2

Pamela 089pbw

Pamela 111

Pamela 113pbw

Pamela 010pbw

Pamela 016pbw

Pamela 022pbw

Pamela 030pbw

Pamela 040p2

Pamela 049p2

Pamela 044

Pamela 046pbw


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